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Fondue recipes essentially started by the Swiss who wanted a way to dip their bread into cheese. Using a pot and some heating unit such as a lamp or small flame, the Swiss came up with the concept on a way to keep the cheese melted for longer periods fo time. The dish became so widely used it was stated as a national dish in 1930 and quickly adopted by the U.S in 19060.

These days one can use many other items than just cheese. Fondue recipe has quickly become the souce of dipping anything into a hot liquid for cooking pleasure. You may see melting pots that consist of chocolate, cheese, or some oil that many will use for meats.

The phrase fondue actuall startin in Zurich and was meat to be used for cheese and wine enthusiasts. As time when on, fondue took on another meeting an would be prepared with eggs and cheese. This souffle started being used with truffles, bread, and crackers.

There are many variations of cheese that can be used within fondue. The 2 most common are typically swiss cheese and cheddar. The Swiss obviously made the dish very popular as a way to help promote their cheese. When fondue came to America, Switzerland even promoted it more to help export their cheeses. During WW2, the Swiss Cheese union would even send fondue sets to different military people.

In the 1950's, found recipes took on another meaning other than just cheese. Toblerone starting to make known chocolate fondue and would promote it over their mousee and cake recipes. This became a huge hit and within a couple years, many restaurants started to adopt it.

Cheese fondue recipes typically consist of a type of cheese, wine, and seasoning. In the pot you should first rub in some garlic clove added by a white wine and cheese. Depending on the consistency you can also add in some cornstarch to help prevent any type of separation. Once the cheese has the thickness you want, it is ready to start dipping in cubes of bread.

A fondue recipe will typically have you keep the cheese at a warm temperature to keep the cheese very smooth, but not hot enough for it to start burning. When it comes to meet, you will want to heat the oil that will allow the meat to cook quickly. For other varieties, you can also use broth and heat up meats and vegetables.

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